Ben Challum

Ben Challum in the snow

As the title says, belated Happy New Year to everyone!

Had a fairly quiet Christmas and New Year.  Managed to have a couple of days out on the hills.  Firstly with Air Na Creagan Mountaineering Club on a snowy Ben Challum – see above.

Then with Elaina and Ptc* – pics on his site here.

And yesterday had a surprisingly snowy day on Windy Hill in Muirshiel Regional Park with my two kids – photos to follow as soon as I’ve got them downloaded off their phones (yes, I forgot my camera!).

Hope everyone had a good holiday and here’s hoping we get more snow over the next couple of months!


2 Responses to “Ben Challum”

  1. I thought that Muirshiel looked a bit of a snowy wonderland from the living room window. All that’s left today is a big splotch on Hill of Stake.

    Here, I’m highly envious of the shot on Ben Challum :o)

  2. ptc…that’s me tagging along at the back. I didn’t feel 100% that day and turned back at 2700ft or so my GPS said!!!
    Steve I think I would have preferred Windy Hill with your kids!!!

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