Another season we’re not going to Wembley…

Back in the mid seventies/early eighties when I was a regular at the then home of the Tigers, Boothferry Park my mate and I had a phrase we always seemed to use in the first week of January… “Well, there’s always next year…”. And it would seem that things haven’t changed even though we’re now playing at the KC Stadium.  Apparently we haven’t been past the third round of the FA Cup since 1987 and yesterday we succumbed to a 3-2 defeat at Plymouth despite the best efforts of the old warhorse himself, 39 year old Hull lad Dean Windass who scored both our  goals.

Still, at least we can concentrate on the League.  Oh aye, that was another thing we used to say but at least this year we’re not concentrating on avoiding relegation…we’re only a point of a play-off place…and the Final is at Wembley…maybe, just maybe…

Footnote to non-football readers: Hull is the largest City in Europe never to have had it’s team play in the top flight.  Or win the Cup.  Oh, the suffering!

Trivia question – who were the first teams to take part in a penalty shoot-out?  Answer: Hull City and Manchester United in a Watney Cup match in 1970.  And yes, we lost!


2 Responses to “Another season we’re not going to Wembley…”

  1. […] their way to finish third in the Championship and another first, a trip to Wembley (so much for my post of January 6th!), for the play-off final.  I couldn’t get a ticket and matters were further complicated by […]

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