Rum Adventure

Well what a cracking weekend!  We headed up to Mallaig on Saturday morning to catch the lunchtime ferry to Rum.  Leaving Glasgow just after 7.30 to give us time for breakfast at The Real Food Cafe seemed like a good plan until we discovered it didn’t open until 10am!  So instead we carried on to the Craft & Things Cafe in Glencoe.  Still, we had plenty of time didn’t we…until we hit the road works first on the road into Fort William and then on the road to Mallaig…but we made it with about ten minutes to spare!

Stayed at Kinloch Castle which was excellent.

Kinloch Castle, Rum

Kinloch Castle, Rum

Unfortunately our luck didn’t extend to the weather which was overcast and blustery.  And so it stayed through Saturday and Sunday so plans to do the Rum Cuilin were replaced with walks out to Kilmory Bay and Harris.  Both great days with plenty of wildlife including deer, Highland Cattle, goats and best of all White Tailed Sea Eagles!

Kilmory Bay, Rum

Kilmory Bay, Rum

Harris Mausoleum, Rum

Harris Mausoleum, Rum

Monday eventually saw much better weather that allowed us to a quick dash up Barkeval.

Stag on Rum Cuillin

Stag on Rum Cuillin

before heading for the ferry at 3pm.

Homeward bound...looking back to Eigg and Rum

Homeward bound...looking back to Eigg and Rum

A long journey back but so looking forward to going back sometime.  And I do just have to add that the highlight of the weekend was Jamie’s transformation from reluctant International Speak Like a Pirate Day participant to fully fledged pirate…

Jamie the Pirate!

Jamie the Pirate!

The only disappointment was the Tigers throwing away a 2-0 lead against Everton…still it’s another point closer to avoiding relegation!


4 Responses to “Rum Adventure”

  1. Strange in that I was talking to a friend about Rum today. We talked about Chris Townsend, who wrote about his trip there in the TGO a few months ago. It struck me as wild in places and I have a desire to go there. I liked your trip report – it makes me want to visit one day.

  2. AyrshireTiger Says:

    Thanks Martin. It is indeed wild in places and I just wish it hadn’t been so clagged in on Saturday and Sunday as it would have been good to do more of the ridge. Having said that what was good about Rum was that even without good weather we were able to explore Kilmory and Harris which are very easily accessible by landrover tracks. Hope you get there sometime.

  3. Looks magic.

    Sometimes rubbish weather diverting your attention elsewhere can be a happy accident.
    But a clear day on a ridge in no great hardship…

  4. Excellent comment, subscribing to your blog now!,

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