Summer’s Here!

To borrow a football phrase it was a weekend of two halves with Saturday’s torrential rain being followed by a glorious Sunday which was probably the best day since early May!

We travelled across to Arran on Friday afternoon with our friends from Air Na Creagan Mountaineering Club.  But on Saturday morning it was clear that it would be madness to even think about going out, not that it stopped some members venturing out (although they did eventually abandon plans to go up Goatfell!).  It did clear in the afternoon so we had a wander up Glen Sannox to see how high the river levels were…

Sannox Burn, Glen Sannox

Sannox Burn, Glen Sannox

We then went for a walk along the Coastal Path to North Sannox.  But the forecast promised great things for Sunday so it was with some relief that we awoke to glorious sunshine.  We had planned to do a route up Glen Sannox then over Beinn Tarsuinn and Beinn Nuis back to Brodick to catch the ferry home.  However being wary of whether we would be able to cross the burn we decided instead to head for North Goatfell from Corrie then across the Stacach Ridge to Goatfell…

Looking towards Goatfell

Looking towards Goatfell

On the Stacach Ridge

On the Stacach Ridge

Cir Mhor and Caisteal Abhail from Goatfell

Cir Mhor and Caisteal Abhail from Goatfell

Managed to get down to Cladach via the seemingly endless “tourist” route just in time to catch the bus back to Brodick (not sure we would have caught the ferry had we had to walk that last 2km!).

And back to the football, I suspect there’s more supporters in North London who are as sick as parrots!  Yes, the mighty Tigers are up to 3rd in the Premiership!  Thanks Kate for providing a Premium Rate Score Service while we were sailing back to Ardrossan!  Worth every penny!


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  1. Jesus, man! This post was in October!

    Lazy so-and-so. ;O]

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