There still life in the old dog…

Had a quick dash up north to meet up with some folk from who were having a meet in Fort William.  Despite plans to leave early it was 8.30 before I left Ayrshire, arriving in Glen Nevis at 11.30.   Parked  at the Polldubh car park and headed up Allt Coire a Mhusgain to the lochan below Sgurr an Iubhair.  From there it was a quick climb up the zigzags on the Devil’s Ridge.

Stob Ban from Devil's Ridge

Stob Ban from Devil's Ridge

The last time I did the ridge was almost exactly  two years ago with Elaina and on that occasion we met a chap who had moved up to Fort William from Troon when he retired.  He and his dog, Becky, had done the ridge over a hundred times at that point.   As I walked along the ridge I could see a familiar looking man with a dog and sure enough it was the same guy!  He had come up the same way as I had but gone on to Am Bodach and was  planning to go back over the Devils Ridge.   Unfortunately Becky, who is now approaching 16, had dislodged a stone at the tricky down-climb and Ian was having difficulty persuading her to make her way down, despite now approaching 200 crossings.  Ian was resigned to making his way back down the way he had come but asked if I would give him a hand getting Becky down the tricky bit.  As it turned out she managed absolutely fine and we made out way up to Sgurr a Mhaim.

Ian and Becky with Devil's Ridge behind

Ian and Becky with Devil's Ridge behind

Some cracking views across to Ben Nevis and Stob Ban.

Ben Nevis from Sgurr a Mhaim

Ben Nevis from Sgurr a Mhaim

Stob Ban from Sgurr a Mhaim

Stob Ban from Sgurr a Mhaim

It was a long descent down the scree-covered slopes of  Sgurr a Mhaim back to the car at about 5pm and on to meet up with the Scottish Hills crowd in the old Nevisport loung bar, now called Cobbs, for some very good value (£4.95) bangers and mash!

Final word must go to Becky, who hopefully will have many more days in the hills…

Becky, Devil's Ridge veteran!

Becky, Devil's Ridge veteran!


3 Responses to “There still life in the old dog…”

  1. The same guy and his dog two years on! What are the chances?

    Nice pics!

    • ayrshiretiger Says:

      Even though he’s obviously up there on a regular basis it was quite strange that we were both on the ridge at the same time two years on!

  2. Thats quite spooky! Can’t believe how often this blog is being updated, I may even have to aqctually link to it now! 😉

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