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It’s a small world…

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Fellow blogger Bigbananafeet (Sandy) has just posted this about a charity walk he did on the Lawers Group a few years ago.  Turns out I was there too!  Must have been either 2003 or 2004 long before we both met through  This must be what getting caught on Google Street View must be like!


Like Father, like Daughter!

Posted in Numbers on August 30, 2009 by ayrshiretiger

This a bit off the wall but I have a thing about numbers and in particular when listening to the car radio or watching the TV I adjust the volume so that it sits on either an even number or one divisible by 5.  I just can’t leave it on any other odd number.  This has led to Elaina suggesting that I have OCD tendencies!  What was really funny though was when we were discussing it today and my daughter admitted that she would do the same thing!  Now I’m wondering if it could be hereditary!  On the other hand my son is as perplexed as Elaina so maybe not!

Another thing I do is when I get interest added to a savings account I just have to make a deposit in order to even up the amount to a round figure!

Now surely other folk do this also…don’t they?!

Beinn a’ Ghlo

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The weather forecast was promising so we needed a plan…the east looked best so we decided to head for Blair Atholl to do the three Munros on Beinn a’ Ghlo.  The only downside being that it meant a trip up my least favourite road in Scotland, the A9!  Eventually we arrived at the small (very busy!) car park just before 11am and set off for the eroded path up the first Munro, Carn Liath.

Carn Liath

Carn Liath

Surprisingly good progress found us on the summit at 12.30pm.  We then headed for Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain and found ourselves on the second Munro at 2pm.

Looking towards Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain

Looking towards Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain

This was good even accounting for the fact that the car park had given us a 300m start!  So on to the third and final Munro Carn nan Gabhar including a “short cut” which turned out to be no such thing – Elaina sensibly stuck to the path – latest score…Ayrshire Tiger 0 Path 1!  Arrived on the summit at 3.10pm.  Now this was getting silly…three Munros in just over 4 hours…but we still had to get down, but it couldn’t take that long …could it?

Looking south from Carn nan Gabhar

Looking south from Carn nan Gabhar

Now we could have dropped back down to the beallach and skirted our way around Airgiod Bheinn, but we decided to go over this last top.  The ridge itself was fine but the descent off its southwest slope was tortuous and slowed our progress somewhat!  We eventually got to the bottom and picked up the track back to the car park, which included a comedy moment worthy of “You’ve Been Framed” when I decided to do a somersault and finished up stuck in a clump of heather unable to move!  As you would expect from a nurse, Elaina was very sympathetic to my plight and burst out laughing!  At least she didn’t have her camera to hand!

So eventually we arrived back at the car at 7.20pm, so that was 4 hours 10 minutes up and 4 hours 10 minutes down!  But for once we were not the last car in the car park!

A rare site indeed, another car in the car park at the end of the day!

A rare site indeed, another car in the car park at the end of the day!

Now I couldn’t fact the prospect of the A9 so we went back back across country via Aberfeldy, Killin and Crianlarich.  For some reason the car wouldn’t take a left turn at Crianlarich so we somehow finished up at the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum!  😉

Absolutely cracking day made all the better on hearing the sporting news that the Tigers had scraped a win and the Aussies were well and truly on the ropes in the Ashes!

Edit to add a couple of photos takne by Elaina…

Summit of Carn nan Gabhar

Summit of Carn nan Gabhar

Looking towards Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain

Looking towards Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain

Played two, lost two…

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Oh dear, looks like it’s going to be a long season.  After starting off so well by going into the lead against Chelsea on Saturday only to lose to a goal in the third minute of injury time we were well and truly beaten 5-1 last night by Spurs!  Not panicking just yet though as both Chelsea (as expected) and Spurs (perhaps not so expectedly!) look like very good sides.  It would be good to get a win under our belts though – hopefully Bolton will oblige on Saturday!

Weather forecast not looking too bad for the weekend (Saturday better than Sunday) so hopefully I’ll be up a hill somewhere and will get back to the car to find out we’ve got our first three points of the season!  Just need to decide which hill…

Prophesies sometimes do come true…

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I was working my way through the blog putting categories and tags against old posts and came across the following:

17th December 2007. “Well on Saturday the mighty Tigers got back to winning ways with a 2-0 win over Leicester.  So one game from the half way point of the season and we have 30 points and are mid-table, which is a lot better than the same stage last season!  You never know we might even be in with a chance of a play-off place!”

6th January 2008. “Still, at least we can concentrate on the League.  Oh aye, that was another thing we used to say but at least this year we’re not concentrating on avoiding relegation…we’re only a point of a play-off place…and the Final is at Wembley…maybe, just maybe…”

For the non-footie fans later that year the Tigers did in fact make the play-off final at Wembley and went on to win promotion to the top flight f.or the first time ever.

Pity I’m not as good at predicting the lottery numbers!

Change of Design

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I thought I would have a wee play about with the appearance of the blog and found  a version where I could include a photo.  Of course I still wanted to have a black and amber colour scheme so my choice was a bit limited.  Hope folk like it.  Please feel free to comment!

Facebook here I come…

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I set up a Facebook account some time ago but never really got into using it properly.  However on Monday night I was at our mountaineering club monthly club night and Mark was saying how he’s just opened an account and would be sending friend invites out.  I jokingly told him not to bother as I’d just ignore it!  However curiosity got the better of me and I accepted his invite and subsequently had a wee nosy.  I have to admit it is quite interesting!  Anyway I finished up chatting to Neil, an old friend I knew when I worked in London in the mid eighties who emigrated to Australia over twenty years ago.   Was good to chat about the good times we had and I suspect this Facebook lark might be become quite addictive!