Yorkshire Day

Today is Yorkshire Day, a day to celebrate all things Yorkshire.  It’s a pity the cricket team are struggling against the Red Rose County! Maybe we should go back to the good old days when you had to be born in the county to play cricket for Yorkshire!

I was born in Driffield and brought up in Hornsea on the East Yorkshire coast.   It’s not a bad wee place especially looking back after recent events and remembering the good times we had as kids in the carefree 60s and 70s.

Old Boating Lakes, Hornsea Seafront circa 1970

Old Boating Lakes, Hornsea Seafront circa 1970

Hornsea Mere

Hornsea Mere

The East Riding tends to get forgotten about a bit when people think of Yorkshire.  A pity as it really is a lovely part of the country.  OK so some folk might think Holderness is a bit flat and boring but it has it’s own beauty even if it is falling into the sea at an alarming rate!  And the Yorkshire Wolds has some very pleasant walks and hidden gems such as Wharram Percy Deserted Medieval Village.

Wharram Percy Medieval Village

Wharram Percy Medieval Village

Wharram Percy Church

Wharram Percy Church

Talking of history I enjoy programmes like Who Do You Think You Are? and have been thinking about doing a bit of research myself.  I was back home a couple of weeks ago and had a chat with my mum and found out a couple of things I didn’t know about her side of the family.  I really will need to make the effort and see if I can find out who my ancestors are…maybe a Blackadder or Baldrick character from Wharram Percy!


5 Responses to “Yorkshire Day”

  1. Probably Baldrick I’d have thought ;o)

  2. ayrshiretiger Says:

    Aye, I fear that would probably be the case! 😉

  3. LOL Only kiddin’.

    Wharram Percy looks like an interesting wee place to poke about though.

  4. ayrshiretiger Says:

    Yes, Wharram Percy is a fascinating place. First went there on a primary school trip probably 1970ish when it was a fairly recent excavation. Remember looking around the old graveyard half expecting to find skeletons sticking out of the ground!

  5. Yorkshire Day, a day that should be held in higher regard then Christmas day. I’m looking forward to Yorkshire Day this year, I’m going to spending the weekend prior on a couple of days out in Yorkshire in Hornsea Freeport! A nice seaside resort town which in my opinion is a true gem in the heart of East Yorkshire. What’s everybody else got planned this year?

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