Like Father, like Daughter!

This a bit off the wall but I have a thing about numbers and in particular when listening to the car radio or watching the TV I adjust the volume so that it sits on either an even number or one divisible by 5.  I just can’t leave it on any other odd number.  This has led to Elaina suggesting that I have OCD tendencies!  What was really funny though was when we were discussing it today and my daughter admitted that she would do the same thing!  Now I’m wondering if it could be hereditary!  On the other hand my son is as perplexed as Elaina so maybe not!

Another thing I do is when I get interest added to a savings account I just have to make a deposit in order to even up the amount to a round figure!

Now surely other folk do this also…don’t they?!


4 Responses to “Like Father, like Daughter!”

  1. I can help!

    Remember I have adjustable hearing so get some beer in – I’ll come over and we can watch the football with the TV volume set on eleven. Every time you turn it down I’ll have to ask you to turn it back up again and it’ll get so annoying that you’ll stop.

    Therapy doesn’t usually involve beer and watching the game so I hope you’re going to be grateful. ;O)

  2. ayrshiretiger Says:

    That sounds like an offer too good to refuse! It would need to be an even number of beers of course! 😉

  3. bletheringblonde Says:

    Can I please make sure I am no where near this therapy session !!

  4. We’ll go climbing instead Bletheringblonde!

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