Mamores in a day, maybe…

After I left school I spent a couple of years working at the Onich Hotel and spent a lot of time doing low level walks around Glencoe and Glen Nevis. Although I did do Ben Nevis by the ” so called tourist” path I didn’t really have the confidence or experience to do other hills such as those in Glencoe or the Mamores – most of my walking had been done on the North York Moors.   I remember visiting Kinlochleven many times and looking up at what I now know to be Na Gruagaichean and thinking that they were well beyond my capability.

However since I got back into hillwalking some seven years ago I’ve really got to know the Lochaber hills quite well and in particular the Mamores which are probably now my favourite hills.

Anyway I’ve had a notion of doing all the Munros in the Mamores in a day.  I did plan to attempt this a few years ago on an OM meet but was distracted by friends who wanted to do the Aonach Eagach in a nun’s outfit (more of that another day!).

I know it’s not the same as Tranters Round or Ramsay Round but still enough of a test for a nearly fifty year old!  So that’s the challenge I’ve set myself for next summer.  Better keep up the gym membership!


4 Responses to “Mamores in a day, maybe…”

  1. I cannae mind how long it took us but get up early. Really quite early indeed. :O)

  2. ayrshiretiger Says:

    Aye, I remember you doing it! I think the plan will be to start at something like 5am on a nice long fine summer day. Anyway, it’s just a notion, as it was the last time! Just a s long as I don’t get distracted by nutters in a nun’s outfit! 😉

  3. Shout nearer the time if you need someone to boot your arse round. :O)

  4. ayrshiretiger Says:

    I certainly will! Suspect it won’t be planned as such, more likely a case of hopefully get fit enough with the aim of going for it on a suitably fine weekend in late May/early June. Oh, and just so you know what you’re letting yourself in for I intend to start/finish in Kinlochleven not Glen Nevis!

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