Snow on the way…?

Yes, it’s that time of year again when hopefully we might get a dusting of snow on the hills. There has already been a dusting on the Cairngorms and the forecast is looking quite promising for the west this weekend. Which would be very well timed as we are heading north to stay at the Corran Bunkhouse with a crowd from!

Of course that’s if I survive watching the Tigers play Everton on Wednesday night…I’m not sure my heart can cope with another game like Saturday’s 3-3 draw with West Ham! Still that’s us up the fifth from bottom!


3 Responses to “Snow on the way…?”

  1. Corran Bunkhouse is fantastic, stayed there on the 6 peak challenge, though only there for a half hour sleep, yep half hour! Good timr to play the blue scousers as they have injuries, they will probably start with 442 though against yourselvs and in second half against us they were a much better size playing 442, was very disappointeed to see them play one up front against us in first half. Hope you get snow, though I will be very jealous, took this Friday and Monday just gone off to go walking in the Peak but it pished it down the whole of the weekend and two days!!!

  2. Oh, please please let it snow…with some crystal blue skies and greatly reduced windspeeds for the weekend. In return for this, weather gods, I shall take a tent up a big hill and worship thee.

  3. ayrshiretiger Says:

    Still looking good guys! 🙂

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