Nearly Stob Binnein…

With good intentions we planned to do Stob Binnein today. However we didn’t get up to Crianlarich until after 10 o’clock so didn’t set off walking until about 10.10am. It was also also hard going as the snow was fairly deep in places and had a hard crust on top, not really thick enough to support your weight, so we kept having to extract ourselves from the holes we were creating. It was even worse when there were hidden streams below!

Anyway we made it about half way up the hill before realising there was no way we would get to the summit and back before dark. Not really a problem as the weather forecast was good, we had headtorches and there is a full moon but it really was energy sapping work! So we turned back and stopped for a well earned lunch…

Ben Tualaichean from the slopes of Stob Binnein

Ben Tualaichean from the slopes of Stob Binnein

Made it back to the car at about 3.40pm so not a bad day out.

In between Christmas and New Year I took the Tiger Cub back to Yorkshire to watch the Tigers against Man United. Had a cracking day despite losing 3-1 and at least we made a fight of it by equalising in the second half before our defensive frailties let us down again. And at least we’ve now seen them in the Premiership, seems a long time ago since I used to go to Boothferry Park back in the 70s and 80s! Just hope we can do enough to stay up for a third season in the top flight!

KC Stadium


2 Responses to “Nearly Stob Binnein…”

  1. I want feet that pies appear on too!

  2. ayrshiretiger Says:

    Aye, none of your lightweight pies either, or just any pies, this was an M&S caremalised onion and goats cheese tart and a Lanarkshire Denholm Bakers mince pie!

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