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Man in a sensibly priced car…

Posted in Hull City, Hyundai with tags , , on October 31, 2009 by ayrshiretiger

Not been out in the hills for a while and this weekend’s weather isn’t looking great especially tomorrow so it might have to be the climbing wall.   At least we’ve got an OM meet in Langdale to look forward to in two weeks time.

I haven’t mentioned the (not so!) mighty Tigers for a while.   It would seem that the finances of the club aren’t what they should be (hmmm, feeling of deja vu here!) and as a consequence the Chairman Paul Duffen has resigned which was a bit of a surprise as normally it’s the manager who carries the can!  However popular opinion seems to be that Phil Brown only has a match or two to turn things around or he’ll be on his way too.   I have to say some folk have very short memories, for all their faults Brown and Duffen have taken us to the promised land of the Premiership which I honestly never thought we’d do in my lifetime.   There again the fans who are shouting for their heads probably don’t remember because they were supporting Man United or Liverpool or even Leeds at the time!   Funny old game eh!

Anyway, back to the subject of todays blog…I decided it was time to change my car.  Mainly due to the fact that my Honda Jazz has done 76,000 miles (mostly done on the A82 I suspect!) in four years and was coming up to a major service which would have included a new timing belt and also it’s MoT was due at the end of November.  So the search was on and after looking at the usual suspect (Jazz, Fiesta etc) my research found me looking at the Hyundai i20.  I’d really made my mind up but when I went to the dealer they were doing the i30 at such a discount it was going only going to be £300 more than the i20.  So after much umming and aaahing I decided to go for the the bigger i30.  It is still a very sensibly priced car though!

Sensibly Priced Hyundai i30!

Sensibly Priced Hyundai i30!