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“Outdoors blogs well worth reading”…hmmm

Posted in, with tags , , on November 20, 2009 by ayrshiretiger

Apologies for the length of time since my last post…I was actually wondering whether it was worth carrying on with the blog as I do sometimes wonder if folk are actually interested in reading my ramblings!

Anyway it would seem I will have to keep posting as I have just seen that the new edition of the MCoS “Scottish Mountaineer” magazine have an article on “Hill walking on the web” and for some obscure reason think that this blog is “an outdoors blog well worth reading”. Now I’m not really sure about that but I guess someone must be reading it!

Last weekend we ventured south to Langdale in the Lake District for an outdoorsmagic meet. The weather wasn’t great and things weren’t helped by yours truly being sick on Friday night. not much walking and no photos unfortunately. Still had a good time meeting up with old and new friends. At least we went last weekend – if it had been this weekend we probably wouldn’t even have got there!

Next weekend we are heading north to Corran Bunkhouse with Hopefully the weather will pick up and there might even be a dusting of the white stuff on the tops. And photos!