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Just like the good old days…

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The recent wintry weather has brought back memories of those proper winters we used to get in the seventies. Of course 1947 and 1963 were really bad winters but even I am not old enough to remember them! The really memorable one for me was 1979 when I was on a Geography A Level field trip to Newtondale on the North York Moors with about a dozen sixth formers from Hornsea School along with our teachers Mr LeVine and Mr Elmes.

Now my recollection is a little hazy now thirty years on but it was mid February and we were staying at Raper’s Farm (Grid Ref SE 823938) which at that time was run as an outdoor centre. I was up there last year and it now looks like it has been converted back to a residential property.

Raper's Farm, Newtondale as it is now

Raper's Farm, Newtondale as it is now

Anyway, we were there for a week and did various things that A Level Geography students were meant to do. However towards the end of the week it started to snow as we were doing a shopping survey in Pickering. Fortunately we made it back to the field centre and then finished up being unable to get the minibus back out on the forestry roads that were the only access. So we just sat it out and finished up staying there for an extra three or four days during which time we had to get supplies brought out to us via the North York Moors Steam Railway (except it was a diesel they used!).

Picking up supplies

Picking up supplies

We also spent time wandering over to the Hole of Horcum which was a fair hike down into the bottom of Newtondale and back up the other side.

Doing fieldwork in the Hole of Horcum

Doing fieldwork in the Hole of Horcum

And before anyone comments on the photos being in black and white I was doing O Level Photography at the time and doing my own developing and printing!

We also improvised with large empty plastic coke (the fuel, not the drink!) bags to slide down the forestry tracks before we got a bollocking from a local farmer for making the road into a version of the Cresta Run! After that we used the slopes of Levisham Moor.

When I look back I do wonder what the procedure would be if the same thing happened today – for starters I suspect the trip would not be run in February in the first place but if it was we would probably have been confined to the field centre for fear of coming to any harm in the snow!

A weather chart leading up to that snow event and some more photos can be found at:

The Weather Outlook 1979 Part 1
The Weather Outlook 1979 Part 2
The Weather Outlook 1979 Part 3

I know I’m going to regret this but for your amusement I’m also publishing a photo of our sixth form group when we left school in 1980. Now that’s when I had hair! Happy days!

Hornsea School Upper 6th 1980

Hornsea School Upper 6th 1980


At last, the weather gods deliver…

Posted in Weather with tags on December 9, 2009 by ayrshiretiger

It’s been a long time coming but finally the weather gods have got their act together and are going to deliver a fantastic weekend of high pressure just in time for a weekend in Glencoe…

Met Office
(note: the above links are “live” links so will change over time!)

They can’t all be wrong, can they?!

Snow on the way…?

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Yes, it’s that time of year again when hopefully we might get a dusting of snow on the hills. There has already been a dusting on the Cairngorms and the forecast is looking quite promising for the west this weekend. Which would be very well timed as we are heading north to stay at the Corran Bunkhouse with a crowd from!

Of course that’s if I survive watching the Tigers play Everton on Wednesday night…I’m not sure my heart can cope with another game like Saturday’s 3-3 draw with West Ham! Still that’s us up the fifth from bottom!

Obsessed with snow…no, not me… ;-)

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Well yesterday ptc* and I were discussing the forthcoming festive period weather and fortunately he took my advice and got out today for a cracking wander around the Kilpatrick Hills before it turns milder this weekend.  As he says himself, lucky bastard!

Anyway it got me thinking that it’s that time of the year when some of us start to watch the weather charts for signs of the elusive white stuff so I thought I’d post links to a few weather websites.

The first thing I would say is that some weather websites such as Metcheck and the BBC 5 Day forecast appear to give very detailed information.  However these should not necessarily be relied on as they are simply based on computer generated models with no human input.  Much better to look at Geoff Monk’s excellent MWIS mountain forecasts with three day forecasts for five separate Scottish areas as well as the Lakes, Peak District and Snowdonia.  The Met Office also produce their own slightly less detailed mountain forecasts.

The Weather Outlook Forum (or TWO) is inhabited by some very knowledgeable weather folk and while at times it does get a bit technical it really is an excellent source of information.  The Mountain Conditions thread is worth keeping an eye on as is the daily “Today’s Analysis” thread (note: no link as it’s a new one each day).

For actual synoptic charts the University of Cologne Meteorology Department provides an excellent summary of the UK Met Office charts amongst loads of other useful information.

Getting back to the white stuff produces three day forecasts for Glencoe, Nevis Range and Cairngorm.

Other favourites are the Winter Highland Forum (see in particular the epic Mother of All Snow Ramping thread!)

And should there be a real dumping the Scottish Avalanche Information Service will hopefully keep you out of harms way.

Finally Netweather has an excellent thread on Winter Snow Setups which shows you what to look for in weather charts for the best chance of snow.

And if you’re really keen Cicerone publish a “Mountain Weather” book that I really will have to buy one day!

As I said I’m not really obsessed!  You wouldn’t catch me looking out of the window to see the first snowflakes catch the light under the lamposts…now where’s that ice axe?  😉